Nano Robotics

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In today’s fast world, man is in a situation where he has to compete against machines. Due to this stress of a mechanical life, the human body is subjected to various levels of trauma. The organ most affected is the heart. Heart attacks are becoming so common now a day. The percentage of people affected is increasing by the day. This heart attack is mainly caused due to improper diet with excessive cholesterols and lack of proper exercise to burn calories, which leads to blocks in the arteries.

The present method of treatment- the bypass surgery or the angioplasty, though effective, may be considered outdated in today’s technological age. Nanorobots are tiny nanoscale devices that may be used to perform a variety of tasks very accurately and in lesser time. Nanotechnology is the cutting edge of future technology and is vastly directed towards medical applications.

This paper throws light on one possible application of these nanorobots in the human body, where they may be employed to remove heart blocks more effectively and accurately, in lesser time causing no pain what so ever. This nanotechnology will be the driver for the future technologies of today’s “shrinking world”.

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