Nano Cars In The Robotics

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This paper is mainly going to discuss about the Nano cars usage in the robotics until now the robotic movements are like an artificial machine movement introducing these nano cars as the neuron system for the robots then the movements get better. Until now the robotic movements are the one which will move like a machine by introducing this new nano cars into the field of robotics the movements can be made lot better and these can be done in the following way

By introducing these nano cars as neuron system we have the required movement and we can also have the movement that we required instance.

How it is going to possible is by introducing nano cars as the nervous system instead of stepper motors for the movement. The nervous system will just work as just the actual neurons in the human being to make the require movement. For instance take the hand of the robot until the fingers or the wrist movement is limited to the motors used but by introducing this nano neurons we can have the required movement as a flash.

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