Multisensor Fusion and Integration

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Multisensor fusion and integration is a rapidly evolving research area. Multisensor fusion and integration refers to the combination of sensory data from multiple sensors to provide more accurate and reliable information.The potential advantage of multisensor fusion and integration are redundancy, complementarity, timeliness and cost of the information.

Application of multisensor fusion and integration are also in the area of robotics, biomedical system, equipment monitoring, remote sensingand transportation system. The fusion of information from sensors with different physical characteristics, such as light, sound, etc enhances the understanding of our surroundings and provide the basis for planning, decision making, and control of autonomous and intelligent machines.


A sensor is a device that responds to some external stimuli and then provides some useful output. With the concept of input and output, one can begin to understand how sensors play a critical role in both closed and open loops. One problem is that sensors have not been specified. In other words they tend to respond variety of stimuli applied on it without being able to differentiate one from another. Neverthless, sensors and sensor technology are necessary ingredients in any control type application. Without the feedback from the environment that sensors provide, the system has no data or reference points, and thus no way of understanding what is right or wrong g with its various elements.

Sensors are so important in automated manufacturing particularly in robotics. Automated manufacturing is essentially the procedure of remo0ving human element as possible from the manufacturing process. Sensors in the condition measurement category sense various types of inputs, condition, or properties to help monitor and predict the performance of a machine or system

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