Micro Turbine Generators

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As microturbine generators don’t have reciprocating parts, there is no need of lubricating and all. Some microturbines even utilize air bearings and air cooling, thereby completely eliminating the need to change and dispose of hazardous liquid lubricants and coolants. In any case, microturbines are similar to major power plants, able to run for extended periods at full power output, and require little scheduled maintenance compared with traditional reciprocating engine generators of similar size.

This makes them ideal for stationary prime power applications. The combustion process in a microturbine is continuous and clean burning, similar to modern gas turbine power plants. Microturbine manufacturers have deployed state of the art lean-burn combustion technology to control emissions without the need for expensive catalytic exhaust treatment equipment or chemicals.

Microturbine generators(MTG) are small, high speed power plants that are usually include the turbine, compressor and power electronics to deliver the power to the grid. These small power plants typically operate on natural gas. Future units may have the potential to use lower energy fuels such as gas produced from landfill or digester gas

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