Managing Security in Mobile Phones

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Enterprises can capitalize on mobility to gain business advantages by connecting employees, customers, and partners. In large part, this is being achieved by extending the enterprise network to mobile phones that are designed for business use such as the Nokia 9200 Communicator Series and Nokia 7650. With mobile phones, the workforce is empowered to check and respond to email, send and receive faxes, hold conference calls, play video and audio content, and access CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (employee resources planning) applications to view and edit everything from sales reports to service orders away from their desks. Nokia is developing technology for securing mobile phones so that they may be used routinely for business without worry.

The topic describes the challenges of provisioning and managing security in mobile phone environments and explains how a well-designed deployment system can alleviate these challenges. This seminar highlights new technology that Nokia and Texas Instruments are developing to address the challenges of transparently managing security like IPSec VPN on mobile phones etc. , namely Nokia Security Service Manager and M-Shield Technology respectively .

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