GPS Retransmission Systems

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GPS retransmission systems Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is increasingly being applied in many different military applications beyond navigation. Soldiers use GPS to enhance situational awareness on the battle field with systems such as Land Warrior. GPS applications are utilized for precision aerial resupply via the Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) to guide ammunition, medical supplies, or food to units operating on the ground. GPS enabled asset tracking may provide current position and status of high value assets, such as VIPs, nuclear weapons, etc. In training applications, GPS technology may be used to track the participating assets, scoring the exercise and enabling a far more instructive de-brief.

GPS provides accurate target position information to smart weapons deployed from aircraft or ground based platforms, improving accuracy and lethality of these weapons systems. Have successfully been utilized in combat since 2004 to provide live wireless signals to commercial and military GPS receivers inside volumes where a clear view of the sky is unavailable. Successful examples include military free fall (MFF), precision aerial resupply (JPADS), air and ground assault, and ground vehicle patrols (DAGR, Land Warrior). GPS retransmission systems have been successfully employed on a range of platforms, including C-130, C-17, CH-47, MH-60, HMMWV, Stryker, Bradley, and more.

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