Future Cars

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Future cars will also have its own manufacturing technologies. One of the technologies coming up & that will be extensively used in the future, will be Platform technology. Now platform technology does not mean that assembling the car on a platform. Platform is wider concept in itself. It is explained such that “keeping the body same but changing the clothes “. In platform technology, what you don’t see will be shared by dozens of cars & what you see will be very distinct. This can cut down cost of manufacturing drastically. Individual platform for individual model will become absolute.

Now new trends, new concepts are immerging in fashion industry, architecture & interior designing. People will expect these new trends to be incorporated in the cars. People will also expect the car to represent the national identity and the culture of country. Shape, design, Colors and the material of the cars will also very different in future according to public demand & their life styles

. Every city car may become a luxury car having 1st class aircraft seat recliner, dressing table, communication system, humidor and refrigerator also. Vehicle that can spot obstacles ahead, read road signs, follow a path along a twisty road are key to our ultimate dream ”cars that drive themselves” . The technology already exist that can help us to drive

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