Four Wheels Steering

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The steering of a four wheel vehicle is, as far as possible, arranged so that the front wheels will roll truly without any lateral slip. The front wheels are supported on front axle so that they can swing to the left or right for steering. This movement is produced by gearing and linkage between the steering wheel in front of the driver and the steering knuckle or wheel. The complete arrangement is called the steering system. The steering system essentially consists of two elements- a steering gear at the lower end of the steering knuckles and steering linkage .shows a simplified diagram of a steering system.

Automobile engineering is a branch of engineering in which we study all about the automobile and have practice to propel them. The words “Automotive Engineering” is also used having the same meaning.
Mobile or motive means one which can move. Automobile or automotive means one which itself can move. A railway wagon cannot move itself on the rails if it is not pushed or pulled by external force. A trolley cannot move itself on the road if it is not pulled by external force. The railway wagon is pulled on the rails by a locomotive.

The trolley is pulled on the road by an automobile which may be a jeep or tractor. In automobile engineering we study about the self –propelled vehicles like car, bus, jeep, truck, tractor, scooter, motorcycle. Aeronautical engineering deals with aeroplane, helicopter, rocket, etc., which fly in air. Marine engineering deals with ship, motor, etc which sail in water.

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