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This topic includes brief introduction of the modern electronic device.The electronic tongue is a system for automatic analysis and recognition (classification) of liquids or gases. Researchers hope the electronic tongue can be used by industry to ensure that beverages coming off assembly lines are uniform in flavor. They also plan to go beyond the four tastes of the human tongue and use the device to analyze such substances as blood or urine, or to test for poisons in water.

But can an electronic tongue mimic the sophisticated palates of wine tasters? Eventually, its developers say, it may come close. The food and beverage industries may want to use the tongue to develop a digital library of tastes proven to be popular with consumers, or to monitor the flavors of existing products. some sensing methods are applied.It explains designing of electronic tongue This new technology has many advantages.It includes many applications we discussed here.

Our tongue is equipped with taste receptors in our taste buds. They are found on bumps on your tongue called papillae. Some people think that every bump on their tongue is, itself, a taste bud, but that is not true. Each papilla has many taste buds within it. In addition, we have taste buds that are not even on our tongues. Some taste buds are found in our throats, cheeks, and in the roof of our mouths.A taste bud is composed of a cluster of long, epithelial cells. Some of these epithelial cells have been modified to be taste cells which are our taste receptor cells. Other epithelial cells in the taste bud are called supporting cells.
All the cells in the taste bud lie with th

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