Electric Relays

Published : 01-01-2015 by : Rahul Rockon

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Frame relay networks reduce the cost of transmission lines and equipment and improve network performance and response time. Designed for transmission lines with a low error rate, frame relay networks provide minimal internal checking, and consequently, error detection and recovery is implemented in the attached user systems. 

The Frame Relay Bearer Service was developed specifically as a data service to handle high volume, bursty traffic by means of high-speed packet transmission, minimal network delay, and efficient use of network bandwidth. The frame protocol supports the data transfer phase of the Service; the frame relay header and the local management interface are sources of congestion avoidance mechanisms. Current implementations include the StrataCom IPX Fast Packet digital networking system, which provides the frame relay network, andDigital's DECNIS 500/600 and DEC WANr outer 100/500 software for attaching user equipment.

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