Complete Automotive Safety

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Safety conscious design has always been and remain a vital aspect in car development .The increasing luxury and power of the cars pays major role for the instability and poor safety of the automobile .Here is the safety precautions which prevents the major porn parts of human life .This safety system consist of the Emergency tensioning device ( ETD ) , properly positioned air bags and an highly improved XDS tech glasses, which are assisted by sensor to give the maximum safety for pleasure riding .The position of air bags helps to protect the vital human from injury in case of accidents .The emergency act of the seat belt tension make the victim to be back rest and relative lower body movement. We think that this safety avoids the major loss of life in case of an accident.

The modern passenger cars have become not only faster but more comfortable and consididerably safer. And even though the traffic volume our roads has increased several fold the risk of accident remain relatively high. Due to the modern safety system adopted .Seat belts and airbags are perhaps two of the most well known and still most effective system. The protective capabilities of these systems can only be fully realized if seat belts are used on every trip buckle up and then drive. Wearing seat belt can alone prevent many injuries or lessen the severity of injuries. Where as an air bag alone cannot provide the same degree of protection since they are designed only to supplement the protective effect of the seat belt.

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