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This paper proposes a state of the art manufacturing procedure for customized artificial limbs and joints. Amazed?? Read on.
The technique described in this paper tries to utilize the advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) / Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to detect and understand the stress points in the knee, hip and the shoulder joints, and aid in the manufacture of artifical joints and limbs.
This system takes input and CT scan, which is then fed into CAD by means of an external reference. What is there now in the CAD is a two dimensional representation of the joint. The next step is to feed the data into a Solid Modelling Software so that a three dimensional representation of the joint is obtained. Once a true representation is obtained a Computer Aided Engineering software which uses techniques like finite element analysis gives the detailed views of the strengths and weaknesses of the different parts. The output of this would be useful in applications like surgery, manufacture of personlized artificial limbs etc. Rapid prototyping is the next phase that would be adobted in the manufacture of the desired joint.

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