Blood Collection Monitor

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is an advanced device which is aimed to collect the blood prior to collection with use of latest technology in place of earlier, insufficient, conventional methods i.e. without accurate weight by using random movement.
The main concept behind this project is use of mechanically provide rocking movement to blood and proper mixing with anticoagulants.

Also restrict the blood flow from donor when particular limit is reached. I.e. 350ml or 450ml.This is done by load cell and by comparing signal activate the stopping clamp is activated.

As, sensing range of load cell is in mill volts; directly the signal can be given as input to the circuit because it will provide insufficient output. So, it is required to be properly amplified. So, the block diagram is designed taking into account this matter. Then comparing it with reference signal which is decided by many experiments. It activates the clamp and stops the rocking movement of plate when weight in blood bag is presented.

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