Autonomous Cleaning Robot

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Robotics research has been around from long ago. However robots as a home appliance emerged recently and as the people needs grew, which has resulted in the growth of the market. Home appliance robotics research is becoming active more than ever.

Autonomous Cleaning Robot will perform task like sweeping, vacuum cleaning, scrubbing in a single pass. All mechanisms will work simultaneously.Autonomous floor cleaning robot consist of two DC motor operated wheels, a castor wheel, flat brushes, roller brushes, miniature vacuum pump, water level indicator, miniature centrifugal pump, water sprayer, cleaning mop, water tubes and garbage container. In ACR circuit, sensors are used for obstacle detection which is used in path planning and navigation. Real Time Clock (RTC) is used to set ON/OFF time for cleaning and is displayed on Graphical LCD. A 14.4V rechargeable battery is used as power supply. Battery level indicator is used to detect the level of the battery.

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