Automatic Street Light Powered Through Speed Breaker - Project

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Street light automation is quite common these days, but generating the required energy for the streetlight from the speed breaker is latest trend in the technology. Therefore, the aim is to generate electric energy from the speed breaker, store it in to a battery, & utilize the stored energy when required. To prove this concept practically, a prototype module is constructed with spring loaded type mechanical structure, which is aimed to generate energy whenever some force is applied to its surface.

Entire system is designed, as automatic, human involvement is not required for switching on/off the light. Speed breaker is designed using electro-mechanical technology, & to generate electricity one small DC motor is used. This motor functions like dynamo & its shaft is coupled with mechanism through geared wheel. Whenever the speed breaker is depressed, motor shaft will be rotated automatically, & the motor generates a maximum voltage of nine. The external shaft of the motor will be rotated at very low speed; at this speed, any type of armature or dynamo cannot generate required voltage. There by the motor used in this project work is built in with reduction gear mechanism, hence inner shaft of the motor rotates at high speed. In this concept when this shaft is coupled to a dynamo, the kinetic energy will be converted into electric energy. The voltage generated by the motor is regulated & it is used to charge the battery, here a heavy-duty battery of 6V/4.5AH is used for long back-up time. The streetlight is designed with 12 high-glow cool LED’s & it is powered through automatic trigger circuit designed with 555-timer chip. The streetlight will be energized automatically in the evening & it will be de-energized in the morning. LDR is used for sensing the natural light. As it is a prototype module, lower ratings of power devices are used, for real applications high power devices must be used. 

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