Automatic Control of Cars

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The technical Brilliance and Developments in different fields has led to a drastic change especially in the communication field. Devices with intelligence rule the world. Imbibing intelligence to these devices is through a system called “EMBEDDED SYSTEMS”. It is the evolution or further development of the computing system. Its applications provide marvelous opportunities for ingenious use of computer technology. Almost every new system introduced is an example of Embedded System. These systems are more intelligent and autonomous.

Embedded Systems are combinations of hardware and software that are mounted on compact electronic circuit boards integrated into devices. They are engineered or intended to perform one specific function in a specific environment. An important decision in the design of an embedded system is the selection of the processor(s) around which the rest of the system is to be built. It is a chip that contains a microprocessor, some memory & I/O interface circuitry useful in embedded applications and is often called an ‘EMBEDDED PROCESSOR’ or ‘MICRO CONTROLLER’ chips as they perform important control functions, and are based on micro controller.

The current topic “Automation of car” that we are going to present is one of the fine examples of Embedded System.

Autonomous car: There are many paradigm shifts taking place due to information explosion and the concept of autonomous vehicle is one shift. The car, which is embedded, can simulate the human driver completely and direct the vehicle on the road. Autonomous vehicle is the drastic change in technical brilliance and developments in different fields with EMBEDDED SYSTEM as pioneer.

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