Automated Highway Systems

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A major long-term element of Intelligent Transportation Systems research and development is Automated highway Systems (AHS). The AHS program is a broad international effort “to provide the basis for, and transition to, the next major performance upgrade of the vehicle / highway system through the use of automated vehicle control technology.

The National highway system carries eighty-nine percent of passenger ground - miles traveled and thirty-two percent of the ton-miles of commercial freight travel. The number of vehicles on the roads has doubled in the last ten years while highway capacity has for the most part, remained the sam

An Automated Highway System is a vehicle and road based system that can drive a vehicle automatically. This is done using sensors that serve as the vehicle’s eyes, determining lane position and the speed and location of other vehicles. Actuators on the throttle, brake, and steering wheel give the vehicle the commands that a driver normally would. AHS vehicles often also have equipment to communicate with other AHS vehicles.

The concept of an Automated Highway has been around for a long time. General Motors displayed a working model of an automated highway at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City. Automated trains have been in use since the 1960’s. But it has not been until recently that the technology has become available to build Automated highways and vehicles. The term “fully automated intelligent vehicle-highway system” is interpreted to mean a system that:

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