Alternative Energy Sources for Fossil Fuels

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This paper elucidates about Different Energy sources, why we are going for alternative energy sources, Different non-conventional energy sources & comparison between them, about fuel cells and their applications. This paper sees in indigenous biomass and other natural resources such as sun and wind and water, a potential alternative to non-renewable sources of energy such as oil and nuclear power. Biomass can be transformed into various forms of energy: solids (firewood and charcoal), liquids (alcohol and oil), gases (methane and hydrogen), and electricity. They are at once renewable and non-polluting, viable and inexpensive, decentralized and labour-intensive. The paper also surveys the efforts being made in Third World countries to make use of these energy-producing resources. But it adds that care will have to be taken, using appropriate social measures, to ensure that, unlike oil and nuclear energy, biomass energy is not only decentralized (which it has to be by its nature) but also equitably shared (which mere decentralization does not guarantee) by all sections of the rural population.

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