Advanced Fine Finishing Processes

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The technology is really spice of life. This seminar is all about latest technology which is useful for finishing materials with very high precision. These are the latest processes are called as Advanced Fine Finishing Processes. In this seminar we are going to take a overlook on some of these processes.

With the demand of stringent technological and functional requirements of the parts from micro- to nano-meter range, evolution of ultra precision finishing processes became obvious need of the manufacturing scientists and engineers. The traditional finishing processes of this category have various limitations, for example complex shapes, iniature sizes, and 3-D parts can not be processed & finished economically and rapidly. This led to the development of advanced finishing techniques like Abrasive Flow Machining, Magnetic Abrasive Finishing, Magnetic Float Polishing, Magneto-rheological Abrasive Finishing, and Ion Beam Machining. In all these processes except Ion Beam Machining, abrasion of the workpiece takes place in a controlled fashion such that the depth of penetration in the workpiece is a fraction of micrometer so that the final finish approaches towards the nano range.

The working principles and the applications of these processes are discussed in this paper along with some recent research going on in these areas.

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