Accident Prevention

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In the current scenario the world is plagued by accidents which are primarily due to human errors in judgment and hence thousands of lives are lost. These accidents can be avoided if only there was a mechanism to alert the driver of approaching danger. This can be done by monitoring the distance between nearby cars and alerting the driver whenever the distance becomes too short. This is precisely the aim of this paper. In this paper we propose the use of Bluetooth Technology by which we can check the speed of the car whenever it comes dangerously close to any other vehicle up front, thereby saving very many lives.

Since Bluetooth devices are capable of communicating with eight other devices simultaneously we can monitor and check the speeds of up to eight cars simultaneously, thus preventing accidents. Thus if we have two Bluetooth enabled devices in two cars the devices automatically communicate with each other when they come in the range of up to 100 meters of each other. The range is dependent on the power class of the product. Power transmission rates vary in many Bluetooth devices depending upon the power saving features available in a particular unit, bandwidth requirements, transmission distance. The statistics of road accidents is tremendous and highlights the need for such a system. The following is a statistic on the number of road accidents occurring each year.

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