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Accident statistics: India's road accident record: 16 % of the world's road accident death happens in India, while India has only 1 % of the world's road vehicles. SO THERE IS A 24/7 EVERYDAY ON INDIAN ROADSWHICH IS A BIGGER KILLER? The Solution: Our system aims at providing help to the injured in road accidents as fast as possible, thereby increasing the victim's survival chances. Proposed System: In our proposed model we have 3 modules, they are as follows Vehicle side module Road side module Control room side module: The vibration sensor senses the vibration and sends the signal to the microcontroller, which compares the input from the vibration sensor with the fixed delay of 30 seconds (delay period of switch when the switch is pressed then the output of the microcontroller is 0, when the switch is not pressed then the output is 1. If the output is 1 then the IR transmitter transmits the signal to the road side IR receiver which is placed along with the sign board (Km board, lamp post, etc). Each IR receiver will have a different frequency so that the accident spot can be found easily by the patrol.


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