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Swarm robotics is currently one of the most important application areas for swarm intelligence. Swarms provide the possibility of enhanced task performance, high reliability(fault tolerance), low unit complexity and decreased cost over traditional robotic systems. They can accomplish some tasks that would be impossible for a single robot to achieve. Swarm robots can be applied to many fields, such as flexible manufacturing systems, space crafts, inspection/maintenance, construction, agriculture and medicine work. Swarm-bots are a collection of mobile robots able to self assemble and to self organise in order to solve problems that cannot be solved by a single robot. These robots combine the power of swarm intelligence with the flexibility of self reconfiguration as aggregate swarm-bots can dynamically change their structure to match environmental variations. Swarm robotics is the study of how large number of relatively simple physically embodied agents can be designed such that a desired collective behavior emerges from the local interactions among agents and between the agents and the environment. It is a novel approach to the coordination of large numbers of robots. It is inspired from the observation of social insects ---ants, termites, wasps and bees--- which stand as fascinating examples of how a large number of simple individuals can interact to create collectively intelligent systems.


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