Round Engine

Presented in this article is a brief overview of the Round Engines. Round Engines consist of pistons going round and round in a toroidal housing, producing two combustion process in every one revolution of the drive shaft. It was at VGT Technologies that the first Round Engine was designed and developed.

The first part of the report emphasizes on the constructional details and the working of the Round Engine. The creative and innovate design of various parts of the Round Engines facilitates the efficient working of the Round Engine.

The second part of the report highlights the key aspects of the Round Engine. A lot of people consider Wankel Engine and Round Engine to be one and the same but there are lot of differences between them.

The final part of the report states the various benefits and the features offered by the Round Engines. Research to date indicates that the Round Engine has major torque and horsepower advantages over existing reciprocating engines, especially at low RPM Round Engines has got a lot of scope for future development in the field of Rotary Engines. Also a lot of research is been conducted to commercialize the Round Engine on a very large scale.